Thursday, August 1, 2019

BINGO LOVE by Tee Franklin

Rating: A dagger of emotion straight to your heart

Highlight of note: I cried all the way through this book and loved every second of it.

Will you read more by this author? Yes!

Hazel met the love of her life in a bingo hall during middle school and they fell hard and fast for each other. There was just one problem. This was the 1960's and they were both girls.

When their homophobic families force them apart and influence them to marry men, the girls start on decades of separation. But then one day, now grandmothers, they walk into the same bingo hall and realize they never got over each other.

This romance is beautiful. And heartbreaking. And sweet. And happy. And gutting. It hits hard and keeps hitting until the very end.

If this had been prose, it might have seemed long and melodramatic. However, it's a graphic novel, which allows us to cover huge amounts of plot in a swift fashion that never drags.

I'll freely admit I don't know how to judge artwork, so all I can say is that the style of drawing in this novel worked well for me. The colors are bold and the lines have a curviness I enjoy. Although it's the plot and characters I'm left reeling over, the artwork enhanced the experience.

Overall, I can't recommend this work enough.

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